Meeting between material and art.

I work with glass by combining traditional technic and a more current approach. My creations, unique works, in series, sculptures or artistic installations, all have in common the assembly of glass with copper tape.

This technique, invented by the American, L.C. Tiffany in the 19th century, allows the assembly of small pieces in 3 dimensions which leaves a great freedom of creation.

I mainly deal with subjects related to our environment, our impact on the world through the representation of insects, elements of nature and the infinitely small.

My artistic work is mainly in black and white, poles apart from the popular representation of colored stained-glass. It leaves room for transparency, line, discretion and lightness.

My craftswork is as much continuity of my artistic approach that the simple fact of representing what goes through my mind without questioning. I like to dive into the world of toddlers, of the imagination.

I also offer a service in which I put magic into their lives by making stained-glass sculptures from their drawing.

I learned different techniques at the School of Fine Arts specializing in stained glass, whether it was traditional stained glass with a lead rod, grisaille (painting on glass) and glass fusing. I learned the Tiffany technique during a training course in Montreal.

These diversified learnings are refined through practice, experience and passion. The originality and technical quality of my works are my priority. I am committed to offering accomplished, different and unique works.